Meals Provided to Customers from Emirates Airlines Booking

Get the best meals of any airlines with Emirates airlines booking. In both business and economy class customers get to taste the best quality food.

The meal policy provided by Emirates airlines booking was completely different in the previous days. This has considerably changed to a maximum limit in the current time period. The pandemic has ideally changed both the on board and the on-demand services to a great level.

Updates regarding Covid-19

Previously there was a specific dine on demand service which most customers preferred in the case of Emirates. This service is still provided for customer interests and value. Although the availability of dine is available. But one thing that has changed is that of the drinks related options and meal options as well. In regards to these all the inflight services are provided on a single tray, main course and appetizers on one tray and the dessert on a completely different tray. This helps to provide better sanitization for the customers. To avoid any kind of contamination, each food item will be provided to the customers pre plated. Other than these items will also be plastic wrapped and cutlery are being provided. The ample type of wine options have been reduced to a single one in general and have been switched with the snacks option.

Economy meals

Many customers have this confusion whether the meals provided in Emirates are included with extra price charge or not. In reality, the prices of the meals are already included in the seat prices. Customers paying a value for their tickets will definitely get a non-alcoholic and complimentary meal service in their seats. The wines are also imported from one of the top locations to provide better benefit to the customers in general. Breakfast options are also available with the services that include two meals for the offerings that are one long and another short offering for details. Customers celebrating a special occasion can also order the details of the meals beforehand. Beverages are also provided in the cabin of the economy class like beer, wine, coffee and tea.

Special meals

Special meals are a little bit different from normal meals. It is advised to the customers to order for the special meals in advance time for 24 hours. If you are travelling with a child between 2 and 12 they will also get a child meal in general. Infants under the age of 2 will get a baby meal as well. Every meal including the Asian special vegetarian to Gluten free meal are available at Emirates. One thing that is not available is that of the Seafood meal.

Business meals

The business class meals are special in Emirates airlines booking. These are presented with Royal Doulton fine bone China and with the cutlery of Robert Welch. If you are a passenger in a medium haul service, you will be provided with mostly two meals in general and light bite items as accompaniments. There are hot and cold snack items offered as well for the customers from time to time. Several specified and branded beer and wine items are also provided among the inflight service details and value measure. Customers can rightly go through the options of the brands available in the flight before booking them in person. Just feel free to get the details selected for better price and measure. One thing to note is that the business class items are far better than the economy class. Inflight services like water and beverage bottles are also provided for customer needs and requirements. Beverage options like soda water, coke and ginger ale are also offered to the customer for their own interest and value. Book your dates with Emirates now and get to enjoy the feeling.

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