5 Reasons that make Etihad Airways booking a great choice

Planning a trip to the Middle East? Then, Etihad Airways ticket booking must be the first step in your to-do list. When it comes to exploring the wildly popular global destinations such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, Etihad Airways booking offers the most attractive packages for a seamless flying experience. 

Here is why Etihad Airways international flights are always a good decision for travel. 

1. Vast Network of Destinations

Etihad Airways flies to over 125 destinations all over the world. No matter which country you are flying to, you will always find Etihad Airline tickets for your desired location. From Europe to Asia, from the Americas to Australia, you will find a flying route to every corner of the world. When you fly with Etihad, you can always find a flight to any global destination. 

2. Impeccable Service

Etihad is world-renowned as one of the most reputed airlines in the world known for its unmatched customer service and hospitality. The Etihad crew includes members of different cultures and ethnicities, making it more approachable for the passengers traveling from different parts of the world. They are always happy to help you, serving with a smile on their face. 

3. Endless Entertainment

There will never be a dull moment when you fly with Etihad. From the latest movies to TV shows, from listening to music to playing games, Etihad Airways international flights offer a great many options to you. Every seat in an Etihad flight comes with a personal touch screen. Once you switch on this E-BOX, a large plethora of entertainment choices are waiting for you. A long haul flight will pass away in just a blink of a time when you are watching your favorite movie. The Etihad viewing screen makes for a comfortable watch; it is said to be the biggest touch screen any economy class provides across all other air carriers. 

4. Fantastic Food

When it comes to food and beverages served in-flight, Etihad Airways booking is worth all the hype. Enjoy sumptuous meals served hot and fresh to you, at your own demand. When traveling with Etihad, you don’t have to eat when the food cart moves down the aisle. Order for your food when you feel hungry, and the crew will promptly serve you whatever you wish to have. If you choose to travel with business or first class, the extensive seven-course menu prepared by top culinary experts will be sure to win your heart and satisfy your soul. From taste to presentation, the food served by Etihad is one of the best in-flight meals you will ever have. They also serve a wide range of drinks and beverages that are served on all the travel classes of a flight. 

5. Etihad Guest

The loyalty program of Etihad Airways, known as Etihad Guest, comes with a bevy of added benefits. If you do Etihad Airways online booking quite often, this is one frequent flyer program you must be a part of. You can earn miles easily and collect rewards later. You can also get perks like excess baggage allowance and free access to some of the best airport lounges. 
The next time you make any travel plans, make sure to get a Etihad Airways flight booking for the best and most memorable flying experience.

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